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Music Theory Remixed

RRP $233.99

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Designed for today's undergraduate music students, Music Theory Remixed: A Blended Approach for the Practicing Musician presents tonal music theory through a dual lens of works from the Western canon and examples from popular music, including rock, jazz, techno, film soundtracks, and world music. With exceptional clarity, it balances the study of traditional part-writing with the development of essential skills like score analysis and identification of historical style. Each chapter contains guided activities involving analysis, composition, and improvisation, offering a perfect blend of learned material and practical application.

Visit the book's free, open-access Companion Website at www.oup.com/us/holm-hudson for additional student resources, including an online workbook and complete Spotify playlists for all examples.

First Book Of Music For The Flute With Downloadable Mp3s

RRP $13.95

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This original collection of more than thirty pieces for beginning flutists includes traditional airs such asScarborough Fair, Ode to Joy, Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun, and other classical favorites. In addition to selections from the standard flute repertoire, this volume offers Spanish songs and ragtime melodies. A free MP3 download is available for each tune, offering students the chance to familiarize themselves with the featured melodies, which include:
Traditional/Favorites: Scarborough Fair, St. James Infirmary
Classical Favorites: Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, Rossini's William Tell Overture, March fromThe Nutcracker
Repertoire specific to the instrument: Mozart's Flute Concerto No. 2
Latin Selections: La Cumparsita, Tango de Reve
Jazz/Ragtime: The Entertainer, St. Louis Blues
Suitable for beginning players of all ages, this collection is also ideal for those wishing to refresh their skills.

A Musical And Cultural History Of Loudness

RRP $329.99

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This book offers the first musical, cultural, and technological history of loudness, highlighting how loudness calls attention to musical, discursive, affective, and technological continuities that stretch across seemingly disparate traditions. Devine focuses especially on the years since 1915, when the forerunner of the modern loudspeaker was invented, and thus when loud sound became possible in new ways. The book corrects the fact that loudness remains surprisingly un-theorized and un-historicized, especially considering its longstanding importance as a source of pleasure, an object of criticism, and an engine of technological change. In exploring topics ranging from the role of dynamics in music theory to the problematic status of the decibel in the acoustic sciences, and from debates about orchestration technique to criticism in jazz, rock, and disco, the bookbreaks away from the generic and stylistic orthodoxies that circumscribe existing histories of twentieth-century music. Examining how loudness inflects central issues in music studies, including taste, race, gender, and youth, it argues that the crescendo model of the history of loudness stems from an impoverished understanding of music and sound as functions of their social settings. This volume charts an interdisciplinary path forward for music studies, highlighting the insights that can be gained when popular music is studied alongside various forms of art music and acoustic mediation, as overlapping phenomena in a shared history of sound and listening.

The Jazz Ensemble Companion

RRP $347.99

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Revisit favorite arrangements, discover new ones, and inspire your jazz ensemble with sound and adventurous music to play. This new book recommends and analyzes sixty-seven quality jazz arrangements recommended by eighteen of the foremost jazz experts in the field today, including directors and professors from high schools and colleges across the country, including the Houston High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, Bloomington High School, Fiorello La Guardia Performing Arts High School, Juilliard School, Berklee College of Music, and Harvard University. Listed alphabetically, each analysis includes information on instrumentation, ranges, playability, and requirements for rendering the score. This book includes eight indexes of musical features to help instructors select repertoire and teaching topics, five indexes for quick navigation and reference, three appendices on survey data results, a glossary, a bibliography, a list of jazz ensemble music publishers, and a general index.

World Music

RRP $332.99

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Authors Terry E. Miller and Andrew Shahriari take students around the world to experience the diversity of musical expression.World Music: A Global Journey, now in its third edition, is known for its breadth in surveying the world's major cultures in a systematic study of world music within a strong pedagogical framework.

As one prepares for any travel, each chapter starts with background preparation, reviewing the historical, cultural, and musical overview of the region. Visits to multiple 'sites' within a region provide in-depth studies of varied musical traditions. Music analysis begins with an experimental "first impression" of the music, followed by an "aural analysis" of the sound and prominent musical elements. Finally, students are invited to consider the cultural connections that give the music its meaning and life.

Features of the Third Edition

  • Over 3 hours of diverse musical examples. with a third audio CD of new musical examples
  • Listening Guides analyze the various pieces of music with some presented in an interactive format online
  • Biographical highlights of performers and ethnomusicologists updated and new ones added

  • Numerous pedagogical aids, including "On Your Own Time" and "Explore More" sidebars, and "Questions to Consider"

  • Popular music incorporated with the traditional

Dynamic companion web site hosts new Interactive Listening Guides, plus many resources for student and instructor. Built to serve online courses.

The CD set is available separately (ISBN 978-0-415-89402-9) or with its Value Pack and book (ISBN 978 0415- 80823-1).

For eBook users, MP3 files for the accompanying audio files are available only with the Value Pack of eBook & MP3 files (ISBN 978-0-203-15298-0). Please find instructions on how to obtain the audio files in the contents section of the eBook.


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