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A Husband's Secret

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Willa Marsh has secrets she needs to confess, will you be the confidant she needs?

Some of these secrets aren't her own. When Willa meets Harlow as an introverted teenager, he changes her life. He was everything she wasn't -- gregarious, outgoing, and fearless. Against all of Willa's expectations, Harlow loves her, and she loves him. They create a beautiful life together, one in which Willa's creativity is fostered, and she's able to become the writer she always dreamed of being, but what happens when she discovers a devastating secret that can ruin both she and Harlow's lives? Will she keep the secret, or will she spill it and leave everything behind?

This is the first in a series of novellas that explore sexuality, humanity, and romance in the digital age in the American South.

Girl In A Band

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Evocative and edgy, filled with the sights and sounds of a changing world and a transformative life, Girl in a Band is the fascinating chronicle of a remarkable journey and an extraordinary artist.

In Girl in a Band Kim Gordon, founding member of Sonic Youth and role model for a generation of women, tells her story. She writes frankly about her route from girl to woman and pioneering icon within the music and art scene of New York City in the 1980s and 90s as well as marriage, motherhood, and independence.

Filled with the sights and sounds of a changing world and a remarkable life, Girl in a Band is a moving, evocative chronicle of an extraordinary artist.

About the Author

Kim Gordon is a musician, vocalist, visual artist, record producer, video director,fashion designer, and actress. She rose to prominence as the bassist, guitarist, and vocalist of alternative rock band Sonic Youth, which she formed with Thurston Moore in 1981. In 2012, after the breakup of Sonic Youth, Gordon formed Body/Head with friend Bill Nace. She has appeared in several films, as well as episodes of Gossip Girl and Girls. She lives in Northampton, Massachusetts, New York, and Los Angeles.

Driving Demand For Broadband Networks And Services

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This book examines the reasons why various groups around the world choose not to adopt broadband services and evaluates strategies to stimulate the demand that will lead to increased broadband use. It introduces readers to the benefits of higher adoption rates while examining the progress that developed and emerging countries have made in stimulating broadband demand. By relying on concepts such as a supply and demand gap, broadband price elasticity, and demand promotion, this book explains differences between the fixed and mobile broadband demand gap, introducing the notions of substitution and complementarity between both platforms. Building on these concepts, 'Driving Demand for Broadband Networks and Services' offers a set of best practices and recommendations aimed at promoting broadband demand.

The broadband demand gap is defined as individuals and households that could buy a broadband subscription because they live in areas served by telecommunications carriers but do not do so because of either economic, limited awareness, or lack of digital literacy reasons. This grouping represents a range from 30% of the population in the US, 40% in Germany, and over 80% in most emerging countries. Research indicates that broadband usage is critical for social development, economic performance, and overall welfare and so it behoves governments to encourage demand.

This study is the first of its kind to address the demand side of broadband diffusion, incorporating an economic analysis while offering real world examples of policies and initiatives that have successfully spurred demand in developed and emerging markets alike. This book is intended for policy makers, managers of telecommunications and other technology companies, as well as academics and graduate students in the areas of public policy, economic development, and technology management.

This book is an eye-opener for policy makers. Traditionally ICT policy has focused on the supply side. Katz and Berry develop great ideas to leapfrog Internet penetration from the demand side, where the value of the Internet is. - Diego Molano Vega, Minister of Information Technologies and Communications of Colombia

This book is an instant classic. It brilliantly and convincingly lays out the case why dealing with inadequate internet penetration has moved from the creation of supply to one of encouraging demand. It provides an information-rich and well-written presentation of the factors holding back people from becoming users, and offers a hugely valuable survey of the various programs around the world to make the broadband internet truly useful to people everywhere. It is the kind of book writers in this field will use constantly. - Eli Noam, Professor of Finance and Economics, Columbia Business School

This new study by Katz and Berry examines the rationale for national broadband plans and the evidence for their success in driving demand. It presents the latest data on broadband in a range of case study countries, and provides best practice advice for policy-makers and development practitioners. - Dr Tim Kelly, Lead ICT Policy Specialist, World Bank

How To Be Happy And Live Life To The Fullest

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Would you like to learn how to have complete control over your thoughts and emotions? Are there dreams and goals you have faith in but are having a hard time accomplishing? Do you want to learn all the keys to happiness and roots of suffering? If you answered yes to any of these questions, or want to become more spiritually aware, then I'm here to show you the way! Deep down we all want peace of mind but sometimes it has to be put on the back burner until our goals are accomplished that we have set forth in the mind. Hey we've all sipped apathy, guilt, shame, or fear tea at the pity party at some point in our lives, but it is important to understand that when you cultivate feelings of joy you will get what what you want in regards to your inner and outer world. However, love must be the motivator rather than greed. Many people aren't content unless they are always gaining material items and accomplishing goals, but I believe we are truly fulfilled once we switch our productivity towards service once we realize that lasting happiness is found within. We live in a world that admires creativity as well as beauty which we all are and have access to whenever we make the decision to look in the mirror. If you don't like what you see then simply change it or break the mirror and that works just as well. Affirmations, relationships, goals, intentions, letting go, acceptance, meditation, and enlightenment are just some of the topics covered.

Packing My Bag Pink A Band

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Cambridge Reading Adventures is a ground-breaking Primary guided reading series which offers a great variety of engaging texts with international appeal. The series has been created by Cambridge University Press in collaboration with the UCL Institute of Education's International Literacy Centre. Each book is placed into reading bands, providing a gradient of challenge which helps accelerate learning to read. Teacher's notes are provided inside every book with full guidance to get the most out of every reading session.


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